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Monier Plano, the first flat concrete roof tile manufactured in India is all set redefine roofing aesthetics in the country. These elegant concrete tiles have an absolutely flat surface and come in attractive mono-tone colours. Furthers, Plano tiles are meticulously finished with glossy efflorescent preventive coating which makes them fungi and algae resistant. Add to this a contemporary look, and what you get is a ‘must-have’ for the modern home.
Architects and home owners looking for a contemporary design that still retains elements of a traditional look will appreciate this collection. Plano tiles possess superior strength, an exquisite finish and are designed to provide complete water-tightness. They also come with a complete set of roof fittings and components which make the roofing solution from Monier complete and long-lasting.
The passion for quality at Monier pushes us to go beyond just providing a covering over your roof. Monier design its products to not only give superior shelter, but also provide comfort, add style and create value.

Unique Features

  • High breaking strength, above 200 kg / sq cm
  • Low water absorption, below 7%
  • Prevents growth of moss and fungi formation
  • Absolute flat surface
  • Weight of 5 kg/tile

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